Heartspace Art

Bee Aware

by | Dec 10, 2018

The story of this piece is one that the bees tell. It is about hard work in the service of something larger. It is about coming together and growing as a community. The piece is also a story about how the bees are disappearing and what that represents about nature as a whole.

The Bee Aware Mural is the product of over two months of work and the help of nearly 30 humans, and so many others who helped energetically and in spirit.

The project was initially conceived by Tempest Medows Scobie,  a highly creative and caring eight year old, who said we should make the mural about the bees. This idea blossomed into so many beautiful dreams that became manifest at the Ockeechobee music festival.


Special thanks goes out to our crew:

Misti Miller – Paint Operations – Plant Specialist

Mark Coats – Lead Carpenter – Foreman

Shanti Sophie – Saftey

Danielle Cleary – Queen Bee – Administration – HeartSpace Art Liason 

Ian Cleary – Project Lead – Worker Bee


Special thanks as well to our supporters:

In the Jacksonville community, friends and family from all over who stopped by to lend their hands, paint on the mural, and lend their love and energy.

To the Hostel family who stepped in to help in many so many ways and proved all around to just be really great people!

To the Burnt Oranges who provided inspiration and the means to accomplish our dreams.

And to Kulturehaus for creating a space for so many amazing and creative minds to gather and for really bringing some family spirit into Okeechobee.

So proud of my family and community that brought this project together. I feel like this is the culmination of three years of dreaming and following heart. So much gratitude for the blossoming community that is HeartSpace Art.