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by | Oct 18, 2018

Logo designed for FaeTerra

Logo design for FaeTerra

Logo design for FaeTerra

We love to dream at Heartspace432. When FaeTerra came to us with this dream, a passion project being created by the FaeTerra family, we were honored to take part. 

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A logo says something about a company, it is the branding, the visual representation of what a company stands for. This logo is such an accurate representation of the dream and the intention being cultivated by the FaeTerra’s. The logo’s rich symbolism represents male and female energy in the depiction of sun and overlapping moon, rainbow rays emanate from its center and represent children.This logo represents FaeTerra’s desire to gather teachers and community facilitators from around the world and create space for their art.  The company will host events, hold circle, and create community. Aurora FaeTerra, Co-creator and founder of FaeTerra says,

“We have a million ideas for what “FaeTerra” is exactly, but for now, it‘s Magick on Earth.”

Please take a look at the amazing work FaeTerra is doing at www.FaeTerra.com.

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