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Heartspace Art creates vivid, influential murals that express positive messages. Our desire is to inspire hope in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida and then travel worldwide sharing our message of love, connection, and personal empowerment. We refer to our work as the Conscious Heart Movement– a belief that choices should be guided by the wisdom of the heart in an attempt to create unity. The heart reveals the oneness of life. Heartspace Art practices this movement in the creation of Conscious Art.

Ian Cleary

My expression, my work, is a spiritual experience. I am a seeker, exploring my innerverse for visions of truth and unity. I believe in spiritual truths that are beyond our intellect. My work is designed to create an experience in which people feel aware of cosmic unity and their own potential for greatness. The imagery of my work uses ancient symbols and archetypes to illuminate a path for human evolution. My stories illustrate human triumph, happiness, and symbiosis with nature. I create art to serve my community, to inspire, to spread hope and to participate in the ever-creating cycle of life. I was born in Mississippi and graduated from the University of Mississippi with a BA in Studio Art. I currently reside in Jacksonville, Florida with my wife and two children. I have been practicing professional art for ten years, and I specialize in paint and chalk murals, as well as, graphic design. I am a creator, an activist, and a storyteller. I am a dreamer, a visionary, inspired to create a better world for all beings. I have traveled around the world painting on everything from walls to bodies. I have held positions over the years as a muralist, political newspaper cartoonist, live performance festival painter, body artist, gallery manager, and art teacher. I even served as an AmeriCorps team lead for the Florida Conservation Corp; which offered me opportunities to be a leader and serve our country in the preservation of natural lands. I believe in giving back to the community and a portion of my work has always been donated to charity. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to practice my art full-time, and I look forward to the possibility of creating with you!

Danielle Cleary

I was born an artist and creation constantly flows out of me from my heart space. I believe that art is a trail of our existence. I sometimes leave myself and become one with the art piece. I learn through the freedom of self-expression. I am native to Jacksonville, Florida and so are the two generations before me. I have watched Jacksonville grow from a relatively quiet city into a desired destination to live and visit. I attribute much of that to the city’s commitment to art and culture and am proud to call it home for myself, husband, and two children.

I am a strong, self-made woman who has studied under some of the best in the industry. I began my career creating brightly colored, detailed drawings using sharpies and pens. The next medium I incorporated into my work was chalk. It allowed me to express myself creatively on streets and a variety of outdoor surfaces for clients that were interested in temporary expressions. Knowing that my work may only last until the first rain permitted me to begin my inward journey of being liberated from attachments to objects on the material plane. As I dove a little deeper, I discovered my appreciation for the meditative ways of the Tibetan sand mandalas and began including mandalas regularly in my work. I attribute my early success to participating in the local, Downtown Artwalk events where I was able to sell my paintings, drawings, and create on a larger scale as a chalk muralist.

My next artistic adventure took me on the road performing transformational art for a variety of events. In 2016, I began the art of body painting with Nora Morals of Kreaturez. I traveled throughout the United States as far as Hawaii body painting for festival performers and private clients. I also had the opportunity to teach my trade and help with big event planning. I also met a very special artist during my travels who would change my life forever! His name is Ian Cleary and we are now married and have a child of our own.

In 2017, I co-founded Heartspace432 with my husband. We created the company so that we could teach art, practice art, and produce art-centric events. Upon founding the company, we added painted murals to our repertoire and some of our clients include Winn Dixie, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, Gator Bowl, Downtown Vision – Art Walk, Riverside Arts Market, Suwannee Hulaween Festival, Purple Hatter Ball, Earth Dance, and Southlight Gallery.

In 2019, I became certified as a Therapeutic Art Life Coach and incorporated teaching art as a form of healing. I love people, and especially holding space for them to heal past wounds so that they can become the best versions of themselves. I also enjoy helping my community be its best, and believe volunteering my talents is an important part of connecting. Being a part of positive change inspires me to be a better person, and I constantly strive to evolve.

In 2020, we re-branded and changed our name from Heartspace432 to Heartspace Art to focus on temporary and permanent murals. I love creating art for a living with my husband no matter the medium. Our art always comes with a message, and my hope continues to be that we can reach other people’s hearts globally through our art. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can transform your space into something magnificent!

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Heartspace Art was founded by husband and wife team Ian and Danielle Cleary. They are based out of Jacksonville, Florida and specialize in vivid, temporary and permanent murals, digital art and acrylic paintings. Their company and art is founded in love and they enjoy expressing it in all that they do. They refer to their work as the Conscious Heart Movement– a belief that choices should be guided by the wisdom of the heart in an attempt to create unity based in truth. The process of creating their work is a sacred experience, and they hope you can feel the love.