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Ian & Danielle Cleary interview with the Jacksonville BUZZ about their Murals with a Message and their heart based art movement.

“Jacksonville Buzz” with Danielle & Ian Cleary, and Diana Donovan

By Palmer Ferguson

The Jacksonville BUZZ

Watch the Interview on the Jacksonville BUZZ

Each week on “Jacksonville Buzz,” our hosts sit down with some of the brightest and most entertaining guests you can find on the First Coast to discuss what’s buzzing in the Bold City. Our hosts Adrienne Houghton and Susan St.Denis are a delight to watch, treating viewers to fascinating guests, laugh-till-you-cry moments and insider tips on enhancing every aspect of your life on the First Coast. Today, Adrienne and Susan talk with Danielle & Ian Cleary from Heartspace Art, and Diana Donovan from the Cultural Council.

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Heartspace Art creates influential murals that express positive messages not only in their style but also through words naturally placed in their work. Their desire is to become part of the mural movement in their hometown of Jacksonville and then travel worldwide. To learn more, visit

Give a brief description on what you would like to discuss on the show.: We would like to discuss our desire to create art that inspires hope in the community; hope that each individual can achieve their dreams. We also like to discuss our offerings of permanent and temporary murals as well as our conscious clothing line.

What makes your company unique?: Our company is unnique in the fact that we are a husband and wife team that has created our business to share our love and skills with our community. We are also unique in the fact that our products and services strive to be environmentally responsible and the message of our work are often aligned with creating environmental awareness. We love humanity and want to serve everyone’s highest potential.

How do you define success?: We define success in our ability to inspire people. Our companies success is measured by our ability to inspire people to live their best lives and be their most authentic selves.

What’s your favorite way to get involved in the community?: Our favorite way to get involved is through the creation of live art at events. We have worked with events such as RAM, Color Me Kona, Jax Chamber Annual Meeting, the Gator Bowl, Music and Arts Festivals, and many others. We are inspired to work with good causes and nonprofits. We believe our work is a beautiful way to spread the message about these causes.

What is your biggest marketing challenge in your business: Our biggest challenge is getting in front of people who need our services. This is challenge is compounded by the fact that our clients, due to the nature of murals, often only need our services once or twice.

Chalk Mural - Teacher Appreciation - Murals with a Message

Heartspace/Winn-Dixie mural expresses gratitude to Jacksonville-area teachers

By Katie Buckley 

Jacksonville Florida Times-Union USA TODAY NETWORK – FLORIDA

The Florida Times Union

Jacksonville-based Heartspace Art and Winn-Dixie chalked up a tribute to Duval County teachers in front of the Point Meadows Plaza store Tuesday morning.

With schools opening Thursday, store officials wanted to publicly display their gratitude for local teachers. Enter the art and event production company founded by Ian and Danielle Cleary.

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From 7 a.m. to noon, the artistic duo and friend Samantha Clark used dozens of chalk sticks and aerosol chalk spray to draw a huge red apple, a pencil and a message of love to teachers.

Winn-Dixie commissioned the 1,000-square-foot display with something simple and old-school in mind, according to officials. Pieces this size normally cost about $5,000.

Parent company Southeastern Grocers also announced that each of its BI-LO, Fresco y Más, Harveys Supermarket and Winn-Dixie grocery stores will decorate their entrance paths with the creative chalk tributes to teachers as they return to work both in person and virtually during the pandemic crisis.

The grocer also said it will donate about $272,000 in gift cards to school partners throughout the Southeast to help support teachers, staff and students during this unique school year.

Winn-Dixie had also commissioned a chalk mural from Heartspace for Nurses Week.

“We’re grateful for our teachers and think they’ll be our heroes for looking after the children of the future,” said Customer Service Manager Leslie Watkins.

Even though the art is temporary, the message still stands. This piece especially means a lot for the Clearys since Ian was a substitute teacher for Duval County for two years and they have two kids.

“Having kids has been such a drive for me because I want them to believe they can do whatever they want to do,” Danielle Cleary said. “Education is important and should be fun. Art can make it fun.”

Heartspace Art was founded three years ago by the Clearys. What started out as a love for art and human connection turned into a full-time art company. Throughout the years, their style has slowly turned to temporary art as their niche. Besides chalk murals, they also do body paint, illustration and paintings. Their slogan is “Murals with a message.”

“Our whole idea is to be able to share a message,” Danielle Cleary said. “Even if the mural doesn’t have words, we hide little words in our murals to put some positivity and intention into the painting.”

With the mural being drawn on the asphalt outside the store, some customers stood by to chat with the artists and watch their process before grocery shopping.

“It’s a beautiful design,” said Jeffrey Snead, a passing customer. “We need positive faith, family and friends. Teachers are the start of that because without them, our children don’t learn.”

Another said he’s been a teacher for 20 years and appreciated the gesture.

Chalk mural with a message representing the imbalance of justice in the United States created by Heartspace Art at James Weldon Johnson Park in Jacksonville, Florida.

Jacksonville Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death

SeeThe Florida Times Union

View the Mural Time-Lapse

Like much of the country, Jacksonville joined in the nationwide protests in the fight against racial injustice, police brutality and discrimination following the Memorial Day death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Heartspace Art created a message of hope in Hemming Park Tuesday afternoon. As a creative outlet in light of the current tensions between citizens and law enforcement Ian Cleary and his wife Danielle Cleary who make up HeartSpace Art, working with Valerie Martin chalked the message, “Hope for a positive change” along with an image a blindfolded woman holding the scales of justice on the pavers in front of the now closed skyway stop in Hemming Park on June 2, 2020. “We wanted to do something that wasn’t vandalizing but still could be a message to the community.” said Ian Cleary, “We wanted to promote a movement for positive change.” [Bob Self/Times-Union]

Southeastern Grocers Honors Everyday Heroes During National Nurses Week

Grocer creates chalk art tributes and delivers thousands of sweet treats to health care facilities

Winn-Dixie honors heroic nurses during National Nurses Week with chalk art and sweet treats. Photographed: Winn-Dixie store No. 7 in Jacksonville, Florida chalk art in partnership with local Ian & Danielle Cleary with Heartspace Art