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Kinnection Campout

by | Nov 20, 2018

Kinnection Campout Earth Stage

Kinnection Campout Earth Stage 2

Kinnection Campout Earth Stage 4

Kinnection Campout Earth Stage 3

Kinnection Campout Air Stage 2

Kinnection Campout Air Stage 3

Kinnection Campout Air Stage

Kinnection Campout Healing Dome 4
Kinnection Campout Healing Dome 3
Kinnection Campout Healing Dome 2
Kinnection Campout Healing Dome

Heatspace432 participated in the 2018 Kinnection Campout Build, helping in the construction of the Earth & Air stages, the Healing Dome, and many other support structures.

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The experience was challenging to say the least, inclement weather including rain and micro bursts set back work, destroyed tents and installations, and made some situations very challenging that would have otherwise been accomplished with ease. The event also represented an emotional challenge for Heartspace432 with many major lifestyle changes on the horizon, work was balanced with the needs of family, both demanded much time and patience. In each situation members of Heartspace432 had a desire to give more than was possible and felt like, with so much going on, not enough could be given to the event, family, or self. 

In spite of these challenges the weekend of the Kinnection Campout was a freeing and extremely beautiful experience. As often occurs at events of this kind (and all things), what you give is what you get, and all of the hard work paid off in bringing together some of the most beautiful people who openly shared their authentic selves. Workshops, talks, music, and art combined in a truly mind opening and transcendent experience for all who attended. 

Many thanks to the amazing photographers that have allowed the use of their photographs.

Eli Tuchler

Instagram: @eli_tuchler_photography


August J. Photography 



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