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"These beautiful souls have so much love to give! Always such a pleasure to be around. Always a professional yet comfortable setting to work/plan. I highly recommend Heartspace Art."

Matt Sims

"Heartspace Art is a joy to work with! They are very communicative and clear in their intentions. I thoroughly enjoy working with them as they are attentive to needs and display their passion for all their projects. From small to large jobs, they put their heart in everything they do and are expressive towards matters that affect individuals and communities. I highly recommend reaching out if there is an idea that could use a visual representation and seeing what can be manifested with the help of Heartspace Art!"

Angel Real

"Heartspace Art is an awesome team that spreads such a good message. I am so happy to have met them and see they're around."

Misti Miller

"I worked with Heartspace Art owners Danielle and Ian Cleary as the host for several of their events (Ecstatic Dance, Healing Through Art, Manifesting Your Dreams). They were such a pleasure to work with that I quit my job and went to work for them as their manager! They are all about integrity, truth, fairness, respect, quality, originality, and kindness. They are amazing people to work with. I highly recommend them for their mural work."

Melanie Davis

Meet the Founders

Heartspace Art was created out of love. A love we have for each other and for everything that is art. We are a husband and wife team and are the founders and artists of Heartspace Art. We are passionate about helping our clients express themselves through opulent indoor and outdoor murals. Each commissioned piece is custom made taking into consideration the lighting, size, colors, mood, story, and history of the space. We love the collaboration process with our clients! It is always a new adventure filled with excitement and fun. Our services are utilized by individuals, businesses, and events around the world. Connecting people to the heart through art is what we do best!

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