Heartspace Art

A Prayer for Bees

by | May 8, 2016

This piece is a continuation of a previously only pencil series, Activist Art, in which animals and sacred geometry are juxtaposed to demonstrate the connection of all of creation. This piece is painted on a ninety year old siding board claimed from a Civilian Conservation Corps building project and painted with a combination of acrylics, oils, and essential oil medium. Many thanks to GardenGypsy Collective and their amazing essential oil and energy inspiration.


Ian was working in his garden when the inspiration for this piece came. Growing up he spent his free time friend’s and family’s land who tended bees. It was incredible, in the years spent going there and watching the life there transform and the plants thrive. The plants that were closest to the bees grew into giants.


This piece is entitled “A Prayer for Bees” because of the immense impact we are having on their species. They fulfill a fundamental role in our environment and without them our Earth would be forever changed. We pray we never learn how badly we need them. In another sense we pray for bees to come bless our garden, help it grow.


 “A Prayer for Bees” deomonstrates how the bee’s architecture adheres to geometric patterns. This effect is achieved through the use of the symbol The Flower of Life; which, in this painting represents the replication of life. The symbolism in this painting deepens when you consider how The Flower of Life becomes the honey, a life giving substance.