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Cultural Art for Nori Restaurant

by | Oct 4, 2021

Cherry Blossom Tree - Mount. Fuji - Pagoda - bridge- Japanese - Asian - Restaurant - Mural - Hand Painted- St. Augustine - Florida - Heartspace Art - Murals with a message - Nocatee - Sushi Bar

Some create art with a purpose, others find that purpose from their art. The process of creation coexists with the creations meaning, one does not seemingly come before the other. In a similar sense, we are the hands behind our art, and yet it is what drives us. At Heartspace Art, we want our art to inspire and encourage a relationship with your own purpose. 

There is something quite beautiful behind cultural art; it becomes more of a story than a message, as well as an effort to immerse you in the culture itself. We had the wonderful opportunity of working with Nori Restaurant, a family-owned Asian Fusion restaurant located in St. Johns County, near St. Augustine, Jacksonville, and the Nocatee community. Together, we wanted to make Nori’s customers feel as if they were in Japan; lounging under a cherry blossom tree on a windy day or observing sandhill cranes walk amidst a field of grass. 

In this project, we created two cohesive murals located on opposite sides of the restaurant. Our biggest mural portrays a tall, fully bloomed cherry blossom tree, flowing around distant Mt. Fuji on a vibrant spring day. A bright red, but delicately detailed pagoda rests in Lake Kawaguchiko, one of the Fuji Five lakes, of which reflects Mt. Fuji just above it. Our smaller mural portrays a pair of sandhill cranes observing their surroundings on a grassy field. Their black beaks, red heads, and yellow eyes stand out against the vivid blue sky behind them. We find that this depicture of nature is a wonderful example of our works value. We take pride in motivating others to help nature, as well as immersing them in nature with our art.

Working together with Nori, we were able to portray both traditional and modern natural beauty within Japanese culture. There are generations worth of symbolic meaning behind cherry blossoms (a.k.a. sakura), such that they bring about a time of renewal and optimism. Pagodas once symbolized sacred mountains and are more currently seen as a space of spiritual tranquility. Even the sandhill cranes hold deep symbolic meaning; once thought to be immortal by both the Japanese and Chinese, they now represent life and good fortune. The process behind our murals run much deeper than just the desired outcome. We want to embrace the symbolism, message, and movement behind our art. 

You are what inspire us to create. Let us inspire you too.

Special thanks:

Caliegh Robinson – Painter  – Blog Writter