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Resurrection Stone

by | Jul 2, 2016

This piece symbolically represents the Earth‘s role as the source of life.

Labradorite (center stone): the labradorite stone is believed to be a stone of magical awakening as well as the corresponding stone for the throat chakra. This stone is of particular interest to me as it was a gift from a spiritual teacher. At the time, I was unsure of my place in the world. I had been given many opportunities, but I was unsure how to honor them in a way that my beliefs and passion could be fulfilled. This teacher helped me realize that by coming to terms with my voice, the message in my work, I would not only become aware of my destiny‘s path, but also that the path and my work were one in the same. In this way I was relieved of self-doubt and awakened my voice, my throat chakra.

Resurrection Fern (Pleopeltis polypodioides): Resurrection fern surrounds the labradorite in this piece. When I first came in contact with this species I was amazed by its ability go into a dormant state in the absence of water and return to life when rain returns. The fern itself is a representation of natural growth patterns, which abide by the mathematical philosophy of the golden ratio. This is in essence what I attempt to demonstrate with my work, that all of existence behaves in similar patterns and are united on a fundamental level.

The Elements: Fire, water, wind, and earth are the four energies that compose life on this planet. The four energies surround the stone, which becomes a symbol of earth‘s combination of these elements. Earth, as an elemental energy,  is symbolized in this piece by a carnelian stone.

Carnelian: The Carnelian is a stone that corresponds to the sacral chakra and creative powers. Its presence in this piece represents the creative power of Earth.

The remaining symbols (in gold): The Triquetra, the three fold spiral, and the Earth symbol are all reinforcement of the central theme of the Earth‘s unification of female creative powers in the form of life.

The piece was created on a pine board, milled around 1900. Painted with a combination of acrylics and enamel paint. Inspired and created in Highlands Hammock State Park. Blessed after completion with a shamanic voice ceremony.


By Ian Cleary

This image is a painting a Labradorite stone surrounded by the four elements.